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The Proven 4-Part Method to Reverse Chronic Diseases and How to Build Your Health Coaching Business.


Up to 60% of North Americans - including young children - are now diagnosed with a minimum of one chronic illness. The Chronic Disease epidemic is upon us today, yet a lot of people do not know that 97% of chronic diseases are fully reversible.

For the last 18 years, Nicolette Richer helped hundreds and thousands of clients around the world reverse their chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, endometriosis, and even cancer, by using metabolic nutrition and detoxification, and cellular regeneration.

Now, she is training individuals to be Metabolic Nutrition + Detoxification Certified Instructors that are trained in lifestyle medicine education and skills development. 

This 2-part free mini-course is designed to help you understand and learn the truth in reversing chronic diseases, how to do the 4-part method for reversing 97% of all chronic health conditions so you can start helping your clients, patients, and family members heal.

What You'll Learn in this Mini-Course

  • An¬†inside look at how we helped thousands of people reverse their diagnosed chronic illnesses, reduce and eliminate their prescription meds and avoid unnecessary surgeries¬†through¬†our 4-part proven method that leaves us and our clients glowing.
  • How to build a practice that lets you help thousands of individuals actually reverse their chronic health conditions instead of having them bounce around from one treatment to the next that leaves you both burned out and financially drained.
  • The key to reversing chronic diseases and achieving optimal health, the truth and the myths
  • How engaging in the old + new age medical paradigm will continue TO KILL US.
  • A taste of what the Nutrition + Detox Coaching Certification 6-month program has to offer and if it's the next right move for you


Dr. Nicolette Richer, DSocSci, is the CEO and Founder of Richer Health Consulting, Ltd., Green Moustache Organic Cafes Inc., and Sea to Sky Thrivers Society, author, PBWF endurance athlete, Chronic Disease Reversal Specialist, speaker, podcast host, lululemon Ambassador, and most importantly, a mom of three world-shaking girls.

Nicolette has spoken globally to captivated audiences on how to Eat Real to Heal and has even personally catered for Tony Robbins and his Platinum team. A savvy wellness expert, Nicolette is on a mission to eradicate 22 Million cases of chronic disease by 2030. 

Knowing that most healthcare practitioners and coaches receive less than 4 hours of nutrition training in school and virtually no training in metabolic detoxification, Nicolette created the Nutrition + Detoxification Coaching Certification to share her 25+ years of knowledge and experience with today’s most progressive healthcare practitioners and coaches looking to help their patients, family members, and clients achieve lasting results and optimal health.

Nutrition+Detox 2-Part Free Mini-Course

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